Our Story

We're not Doctors, we're not lawyers, we're certainly not politicians. We are a group of firearms enthusiasts and experts looking to improve the shooting experience one round at a time. Our Team has over 65 Combined Years in firearms training, competitive shooting, and law enforcement. If that's not enough, we have fired over 1,000,000 Rounds of ammunition through 500+ types of firearms.

Our Quality

Here at We the People Munitons, we don't skimp on quality, we leave that to the other guys. We use state of the art equipment and strict quality control to set a new standard of Ammuniton Manufacturing.

Our Service.

We are unapolageticly patriotic. Thats why we are 100% US Based, down to our Customer Service. We want everyone who uses our Ammunition to know they are a Valued Customer...not a number. You are always 1 call or 1 email from us!

Our Patriotism.

We are 100% US Based. No "ifs, ands, or buts." We work hard to support our great Law Enforcement agencies nationwide, as well as the 2nd Amendment. This is the foundation We the People Munitons was founded on.

Dealer Info

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